Is McDonald’s Open on Thanksgiving? Here Are the Fast Food Chain’s Hours

Is McDonald’s Open on Thanksgiving? Here Are the Fast Food Chain’s Hours

In case you’re looking for a quick breakfast before the big meal.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you love savory, oven-roasted turkey, football, and spending time with your loved ones, that is. Thanksgiving is obviously a holiday centered around food (and, yes, the food is wonderful), but it’s also a huge day for travel. And whenever we’re on the road, we can always count on those Golden Arches for a super-speedy and filling meal.

On a long road trip, sometimes you just need a Dollar Menu snack to keep you from showing up at your relative’s house feeling hangry until the stuffing’s served. Or maybe you just prefer McNuggets over turkey (respect) or need a quick breakfast. Whatever your reason, here’s what you need to know about McDonald’s hours on Thanksgiving.

What are the Thanksgiving Day hours at McDonald’s near me?
The answer is that it varies by location. “Ninety-five percent of McDonald’s restaurants are independently owned and operated, so the holiday business hours will vary by location,” a representative from McDonald’s previously told Country Living. “The best way to determine hours for your local McDonald’s is to call ahead of your visit to confirm their hours.” You can find your local McDonald’s, and its restaurant hours, via the company’s store locator. Each location has its hours listed, but it also doesn’t hurt to call ahead and double check.

Other fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving:
Boston Market
White Castle
Jack in the Box
You can also check out our full list of fast food places open on Thanksgiving.

And if you also need some last-minute items — like a hostess gift, craft supplies to keep the kids entertained, or even some fresh parsley for your stuffing recipe — Mickey D’s might not be the best place to stop, but these stores that are open on Thanksgiving are.

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