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Pokemon Eevengers Endgame shirt

He’s definitely talented, he can do so much with his voice and musical talent too. I cannot wait to see what he does. Love it. Love me some Laine. He definitely deserved that win. If nothing else because he got these grandmas hearts thumping a stronger. I liked Pokemon Eevengers Endgame shirt performances but thought Alejandro had something special, true artistry, that’s why I voted for him. Laine is alright but received the majority vote probably from teenage girl’s votes for his looks. Elvira H. Sanchez and that is why Alejandro didn’t win, this is a singing competition, and hi is not that good or strong. Musical and writing skills, he’s a genius. He will go far without the limitations of an AI contract. Alejandro is already going on tour. He is going to be here in Chicago July 11 so all you peeps that mad he lost he is doing just fine.

Pokemon Eevengers Endgame shirt, ladies shirt, hoodie, sweater

Pokemon Eevengers Endgame Hoodie
Pokemon Eevengers Endgame Hoodie
Pokemon Eevengers Endgame Ladies Tee
Pokemon Eevengers Endgame Ladies Tee
Pokemon Eevengers Endgame Ladies Vneck
Pokemon Eevengers Endgame Ladies Vneck
Pokemon Eevengers Endgame Sweatshirt
Pokemon Eevengers Endgame Sweatshirt

I am so happy for Laine but I was also an Alejandro fan as well. I love all the guy saying Laine won because of his looks and because teenage girls voted for him. I’m 49 and I voted for him. This may shock some of u but a person can be attractive AND talented. Stop minimizing the kid’s accomplishment because your guy didn’t win. Alejandro’s songs all sounded the same. He put Pokemon Eevengers Endgame shirt to sleep. Apparently a lot of guy share that opinion so they voted for Laine. Tina Chavez. Sounds like you wanted Alejandro to win because of his nationality. Both of you are same. But America doesn’t vote that way. We vote on talent. Laine was my favorite from the first time I saw him I am not a teenager either but still chose him. Being a Canadian I couldn’t vote but would have.

Pokemon Eevengers Endgame shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

The other contestants were also fantastic and should have great careers. But Laine deserved the win. He is a Pokemon Eevengers Endgame shirt and performer. Carla Adams almost everyone in upstate New York there votes didn’t go through or work so yes she did get robbed of a lot of votes. It has been everywhere that a Lot of her votes didn’t go through. I’m 70 and I voted for Laine. I voted for his singing and his personality on stage. Just to let everyone know that it wasn’t all teens that voted for him. I’m not bothered about what others say Laine reminded me best thing since Elvis. Best singers who ever appeared on idol and you beat them all. Good for you, I will look forward to buying your album. Super happy he won, but it didn’t seem as if the contestants were as close to each other as in rooting for one another as in past years.


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