Have plenty of white T-shirts and basic tees, yet none of them feels fashionable anymore? I feel you. Even though a simple white T-shirt never goes out of style, and we can wear it in one and a million different ways, it can feel a bit outdated from time to time. Luckily, fashion designers always find a way to update the basic tee and make it look new for the new season. Just like they did for summer 2021. Yes, there are plenty of new and updated simple T-shirts in style for summer 2021. And no, you probably don’t have all these tees already. Each of the new season’s T-shirts has something that makes it different from the T-shirt that we already have in our closets. Even the white T-shirt and the graphic tourist tee from the stand! Now that we can’t get on the plane and get a tourist tee from wherever we want, this graphic T-shirt feels even more stylish, doesn’t it? Worry not, I did find some of the tourist tees you can purchase online. And add them to the product galleries to make sure you can buy them all as you go through the spring summer 2021 T-shirt trend report. Surely it won’t be the same as buying it from the stand in your favourite city. But hey, no matter where you buy it from, that T-shirt will make you feel closer to your beloved city when you put it on and wear it with a fashionable skirt or stylish jeans.


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