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Who Started McBling Not Italian But Supportive t-shirt . The aesthetic rose in popularity between 2003 and 2008. Artists like Missy Elliot, LL Cool J, and Eve are some of the few icons who brought aspects of the trend to life, like tracksuits, matching sets, blinged-out accessories, and colorful streetwear. Stars like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie also popularized the aesthetic, wearing graphic tees and tracksuits on the street and on-screen in their show The Simple Life. What Are Some McBling Brands? Labels like Baby Phat, Von Dutch, Juicy Couture, Playboy, Victoria’s Secret, and PINK rose in popularity during the McBling era. Capitalizing on the It factor of the 2000s, these brands embraced the modern take on confidence defined by the 2000s boss, unafraid to draw attention to themselves while indulging in a healthy dose of self-obsession. Phrases like “phat” and “juicy” adorned jeans and sweatpants, shamelessly drawing attention to the backside. Paris Hilton owned the McBling graphic tee trend, sporting shirts that read “Queen of the Universe!” “Don’t be jealous” and “I heart shoes bags & boys” to name a few. Luxury items like the Louis Vuitton Multicolor handbag—which hit the runway at the brand’s Spring/Summer 2003 show—and the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag were also popular.How Did the McBling Aesthetic Come About?

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Like many style aesthetics, McBling marked an era of new and emerging culture Not Italian But Supportive t-shirt . The shimmery promise of easy-to-use technology finally came into full fruition, with the BlackBerry becoming one of the first mobile phones marketed towards consumers with full keyboard functionality between 2002 and 2003; the iPod, released in 2001, broke records with its ability to hold 1,000 songs. Myspace was released in 2003 and became the first social media network. Users posted about their personal lives and discussed everything from music to pop culture. The era was also the beginning of celebrity culture as we know it. Digital photography and the desire to access the biggest names in Hollywood birthed celebrity magazines and paparazzi craze. Hit tv-show MTV Cribs offered insight into celebrity life. McBling reflected the shining early stages of the digital revolution and the interconnected world we live in now. Mobile phones became more popular, texting became easier, and with celebrities becoming more and more accessible with the rise of entertainment-focused journalism, the possibility of an interconnected world soared to new heights. McBling was all about mixing glamor with ease, drawing attention with color and shine.
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