Karl Lagerfeld Shirt

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Karl Lagerfeld Shirt

I didn’t get to meet him but the brand he reped wanted my roots. I always wonder who I would have been if my grandma allowed it. I like fashion and he was an icon that filled the Karl Lagerfeld Shirtand made their name stay out for decades. He respected someone’s idealogy and that’s amazing for someone to do representation without taking over its concept or replace it.

Karl Lagerfeld Shirt, Youth tee, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

Hoodie Karl Lagerfeld Shirt
Hoodie Karl Lagerfeld Shirt
Ladies Tee Karl Lagerfeld Shirt
Ladies Tee Karl Lagerfeld Shirt
Ladies Vneck Karl Lagerfeld Shirt
Ladies Vneck Karl Lagerfeld Shirt
Sweatshirt Karl Lagerfeld Shirt
Sweatshirt Karl Lagerfeld Shirt

You have no idea how hard fashion design is nor how hard creating a dress, shirt, jacket etc is. You don’t even know what type of Karl Lagerfeld Shirt he was personally. How do you know he didn’t give tons of money to charities helping fight global warming etc. You don’t. You just judge on your holier than thou pedestal and are celebrating someone’s death.

Best Karl Lagerfeld Shirt

I’m not saying he wasn’t, he very well may have been an awful Karl Lagerfeld tShirt. I don’t know much about the man personally. The only reason I jumped on this was I don’t agree with celebrating someone’s death and also I’m not ok with someone saying my job is easy when they have zero clue what I do and how hard it actually is.


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