Hidin from Biden tshirt

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Hidin from Biden shirt

Here’s another fact for ya….. Mitt Romney no longer trails Barack Obama in the Hidin from Biden tshirt. By about three-to-one, voters say Romney did a better job than Obama in the Oct. 3 debate, and the Republican is now better regarded on most personal dimensions and on most issues than he was in September. Romney is seen as the candidate who has new ideas and is viewed as better able than Obama to improve the jobs situation and reduce the budget deficit.Fully 66% of registered voters say Romney did the better job in last Wednesday’s debate.

Hidin from Biden shirt,Hoodie, V-neck, Sweater, Longsleeve, Tank Top, Bella Flowy and Unisex, T-shirt

Hidin from Biden Hoodie
Hidin from Biden Hoodie
Hidin from Biden Ladies Tee
Hidin from Biden Ladies Tee
Hidin from Biden Ladies Vneck
Hidin from Biden Ladies Vneck
Hidin from Biden Sweatshirt
Hidin from Biden Sweatshirt

Hey I give facts and you all give me????? Nothing! That’s the Hidin from Biden tshirt. Y’all talk a big game like you know something but in reality its all “MALARKIE” Just proves how out of touch you really are. Except for a few of y’all, you and everyone on here have no clue. Don’t know nothing about his policies and agendas. You all think your going to get a free ride and that’s all you here….I want one person to tell me why you want Obama for president (can’t be because of skin color)..
Just one reason why…explain!

Best Hidin from Biden tshirt

He has righted the ship, people like you don’t have short memories you have Hidin from Biden tshirt, 5 outta the last 6 recessions have occured during a repub presidents long reign of power and the same for all 3 stock market crashs, your party is irresposible and after the last total blunder under bush WE aren’t going to let romney take us back down that path again on steroids adding another WAR maybe 2 which will escalate into WWIII sorry dude we have the country on the right track and WE are gonna save you despite yourself NEXT..


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