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Pawnee’s finest radio tagteam Beer safety third outdoor 76 shirt . Crazy Ira and The Douche. Pick up this shirt to be a part of Douche Nation and support the best radio show in the greater Pawnee, Indiana area. This shirt is, of course, a reference the the hilarious NBC comedy Parks and RecreationAre you a proud web developer? State your doctype with this shirt! If it validates, you’ll show your skills to the world! And if you use HTML5, you might want to check out the HTML5 logo shirt from Silicon Valley. While that design was featured on the show, it’s not exactly specific to Silicon Valley! Want the HTML 5 t-shirt that Gilfoyle wore in Silicon Valley? Those who use HTML 5 are ahead of the curve, which is squarely where Gilfoyle and the rest of the Silicon Valley crew sit.

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Beer safety third outdoor 76 shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Beer safety third outdoor 76 shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
Unisex Sweatshirt
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Unisex Hoodie
Beer safety third outdoor 76 shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s
So if you’re a fan of Silicon Valley, or if you’re just a web developer who’s a fan of HTML 5 over the inferior HTML 4, then consider picking up this shirt from Redbubble Beer safety third outdoor 76 shirt . While the shirt is most famous for its use in Silicon Valley, it’s meaning extends far beyond the HBO show.It’s the logo for the fabulous Bro 2 Bro app from Silicon Valley on a t-shirt. If you think Bro 2 Bro was the next best idea since Tinder, grab this shirt and show off your fandom. You can even try to convince people that aren’t fans of Silicon Valley that Bro 2 Bro is a real app. Tyrion drinks and knows things! If that sounds like you as well, you can pick up this Game of Thrones inspired I Drink and I Know Things shirt and share your unique skills with the world. And if you forget where this quote came from, here’s a quick clip of the drink and know things Elf the movie is a modern day Christmas classic. This shirt features Will Ferrell’s character Buddy the Elf and Buddy’s love for Santa Claus. If you’re a fan of Elf, you should grab this tee and wear it during the holiday season.
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2 reviews for Beer safety third outdoor 76 shirt

  1. ScottMarns

    Echoing the other comments, I find the neck hole smaller/tighter than normal shirts. With that being said, it’s still comfortable. I’m 230lbs and 6ft, and my neck size is 15 1/2. I don’t exercise, and I am pudgy around the waist. I wear XL shirts for the roominess, and I bought the XL size here. The cut is a bit odd. It’s more form fitting up top but then gets looser than other typical shirts around the waist. I washed it once and dried it out, which obviously led to shrinkage. But it shrunk in a way where the shirt fit better, meaning the waist area tightened up more than the neck area. It worked out well, because now it fits great.

  2. r_reptssile

    I always wear everything L size. But this one i thought will shrink after dry wash so i bought L. But to my surprise they didn’t shrink for less then a inch for which they are perfectly L size. For which i should have bought M size. Those who always wear L size buy this kind of material M size. This is truly 100% cotton. They are very comfortable to wear. The colors are vibrant. They are very good looking. You will feel very comfortable wearing them here and there and at home and relax. Best part is after couple of wash in dry wash also they are not shrinking. 🙂

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