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Was a frequent guest on Afi sing the Sorrow t-shirt . Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment. Portrayed by Bill Hader, Stefon was always there to share the best places to visit around New York City. The places were usually…not somewhere you’d actually like to visit. In fact, the Saturday Night Live writers used to try to force Bill Hader to break character by slipping in ridiculous places he’d never heard before. You can see Bill need to pause sometimes because he’s laughing too much at some of the ridiculous locations that he’s supposed to say.Though Bill has since left SNL and the Stefon character is no more, you can grab this Stefon SNL shirt to keep Stefon alive and kicking. Looking for the Roseanne chicken shirt from the show? It’s technically a sweatshirt as seen in the show, but the t-shirt version is a little bit more flexible as you can wear it even when it’s hot out.

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Rosaenne originally Afi sing the Sorrow t-shirt . Aired from 1988 to 1997, but it was just recently announced that ABC is bringing the showing back for an 8-episode revival. So maybe we will see Roseanne’s rooster shirt back on screen soon! You know that’s more awesome than regular chemical elements? The Avengers! This shirt features the best periodic table there is – the Avengers periodic table. You’ve got Am, short for Captain America, Th, short for Thor, Hu, short for Hulk, and Fe, short for Iron Man. You’ve also got some nifty cartoon Avengers characters, which is cool in its own right. If you want to show off your inner superhero chemistry, grab this Periodic Table Avengers shirt and share it with the world. If people aren’t smart enough to grasp the reference – that’s on them! In Master of None, Dev, played by Aziz Ansari, is seen wearing this I Want Pasta t-shirt. The aforementioned scene happens in the “Mornings” episode of Master of None. Master of None is a witty Netflix show co-written and starred in by Aziz Ansari. It’s a bit slow at times, but definitely has its high moments.
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