UK weather forecast: Met Office warns of SOARING temperatures

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MET Office forecast mild conditions as southerly winds blow through much of the UK with fog clearing to leave sunshine in some parts, causing temperatures to climb.

Met Office warned of another soar in temperatures with figures climbing into the double digits, and even hitting 14C. Despite these mild conditions, the weather service did forecast a “drab” and “soggy” start for much of the UK, but this will clear for some parts throughout the day. Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “A very different start to the day compared to Tuesday, it will not be as chilly and it will not be as bright either with many places starting rather drab, particularly across the north fairly soggy as well. Rain through the night across western Scotland, a fairly wet morning across the Northern Isles, maybe something a bit drier across the north-east.

“Rain on and off across Northern Ireland, damp and drizzly here and for north-west England, again to the east of the Pennines may be a largely dry start.

“Further south it is mostly dry and it is really mild, we start the day at 7C to 9C in towns and cities.

“We are going to start with a lot of cloud, a bit misty over the hills and it will slowly brighten up in many places.

should generally cheer up over the Midlands, southern parts of England and where we see a bit of sunshine with those southerly winds, well it will feel mild.

“Temperatures double digits for many and with a bit of sunshine, we could even climb into the teens. 13C is possible in Belfast, 14C is not out of the question.

“Through the evening it stays damp and drizzly across west Wales, parts of north-west England and Scotland, especially up over the hills where there is rain in Shetland as well, we may see some patchy rain spreading back into the far south-west of England.

“But for many it will be a fine evening, could turn quite misty with a few fog patches across the south-east, as we start Thursday. So just bear that in mind.”

BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood also revealed Britain is set to heat up towards the end of the week, as an area of high pressure remains to sit firmly over Europe.

The BBC Weather host said: “We have got milder conditions coming our way. What’s going to happen as we head towards the end of the week as the temperatures shoot up.

“We are looking at, widely, 15C to 16C, locally, 17C or even 18C and we will see some sunny spells. So, those temperatures are high for this stage in February.”


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