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Flats Are Cute, Actually Why is it so hot in LA shirt . I like my feet like I like my emotions: firmly grounded. Podiatrists warn against them. Vogue has unlovingly referred to them as “grandma shoes.” Their mere existence is enough to warrant dissertations on the internet. It would seem nothing good can come from wearing flats. But that hasn’t stopped fashion from bringing them back.

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On the runway, designers have been signaling the return of the contentious shoe for some time, with brands like Miu Miu, Chanel, and Simone Rocha putting their spins on the classic design Why is it so hot in LA shirt . In addition, recent street style shots show celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez making a case for the no-frills footwear, while stars Alexa Chung and Zoë Kravtiz have long had a penchant for ballet shoes. For several seasons, fashion has favored chunkier soles, leading flats to be, as far as “trends” are concerned, sartorially outlawed. Yet, despite it all, the old shoe has risen above its modern-day critics and re-entered fashion’s good graces. But public opinion remains primarily divided, which should come as no surprise. The ballet slipper has been around for centuries as a staple in dancer uniforms. In the ‘90s and early aughts, the shoe ascended to fashion statement status thanks to trend-setters like Kate Moss, who famously paired them with her everyday outfits. But unfortunately, minimalist footwear design has fallen in and out of popularity. And it’s not hard to see why.Unlike sneakers or heels, flats don’t exactly do much to accentuate body features. However, because of their shapelessness, they can make legs look shorter, and feet look wider (ideal!). Not to mention, the very utterance of the shoe most likely drudges up dreaded visuals of “toe cleavage.” And when it comes to structural support, there is none. Their deflated soles and tendency to squeeze toes together like a pack of sardines are, as it turns out, not so great for your feet. But, as I’m sure all the ballerinas say, that’s showbiz, baby.
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