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I don’t care about it Why Am I Trending Shirt . I have a million followers or people commenting telling me how good I look. I care about sharing others’ achievements and inspiring those to make that which they fear. It’s hard to post people’s hard work that shouldn’t go unnoticed because others want to be hurtful. I do not want those people to feel insecure about me posting their hard work because of a few bad apples. I can’t protect the world, but I can defend myself and the people around me, and one kind hand is better than none—no makeup on, my hair not done, fresh when I wake up. No filter, and I don’t care what anyone thinks because the only one that matters is this baby next to me. Feel good about yourself; you won’t want to hurt others around you. Somehow I started following you when you were pregnant.

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Why Am I Trending Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Classic Men’s

You’ve seen the transformation Why Am I Trending Shirt . Not just body, but soul, as a mom. I love it. Please, can you have some beach? You’re in desperate need of some severe sand time. You want to flip off the world and dream about escaping to an oasis of sunshine, ocean breezes, and tropical fruit drinks. You feel like it’s been years since you could drop everything and flop down on a beach chair with a good book that you might even read. You don’t need a long explanation of how you feel; two simple words will do. Wear this tee and let everyone know what you’re thinking. The road to romance can be long, so keep one eye out for drive-through windows as you’re cruising along. You’ll need energy; if fries are on the menu, that’s all you need to know. You may just skip the whole love nonsense and stick with the fries. They’ll never let you down the way a man will. You can find good fries anywhere. Finding a good man is a lot harder. Make it easy on yourself and grab what every girl wants: a bag of tasty, salty grease. Now that’s love.
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