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It is sad that all these comments saying Argentinians are horrible, racist people do not see the hypocrisy of their words. Ending racism starts with you so Weed Steelers Pittsburgh Stoners Offcial Shirt. 50 million people live in Argentina, is it fair to call all of or most of them racist based on this post or anecdotal evidence? Is it fair to say that most Brazilians hate Argentinians just because you or your friends and family do? Is that kind of statement not racist in itself? It’s disheartening thar you feel so self-righteous.

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Beer! We know, we are excellent Weed Steelers Pittsburgh Stoners shirt . Show that love with beer with this great design of Trendteeshirts. Truly a fun, meaningful connection for all. We had told them our story as retired clergy and we wished Adam, a brother, safety as he would leave for Basic Training at the end of the week. Two reminders: Santa is ‘on’ more often than not, so it’s important to be a good also, this Santa wishes we would remember to ask people to send us such pictures, so many we never see. It is really its own language, right? The ability to talk sarcastically is a true art and talent, and it is not overlooked. If you are proud of your satire. Trendteeshirts thank you for visiting our shop. Joe Stark No. I am not kidding. But lets be reasonable. I NEVER said that the entire country is racist. So, take it easy. I come from a country where lots of people are racist too but pretend that Weed Steelers Pittsburgh Stoners Offcial TShirt. I know that this is a subject that can offend people because its a difficult subject. But I was in Buenos Aires and was treated like crap several times. And it was clear that I was treated this way because I was a foreigner.

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