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I’m so lucky to be We Shall Not Be Infringed shirt . Celebrating your 34th birthday Jason It feels like yesterday you were 26 and we thought we knew so much about the world. We’ve grown so much together. We’ve been through so many difficult experiences, and I’d venture to say that we’ve experienced more difficulties in our 8 years together than “the good times”. But it’s always been “the good times” for us, because we’ve been together. It almost doesn’t seem real that been a little over 2 months since the shop closed. I can actually be a wife now. My back no longer hurts, my hair is growing back, my nails are strong and actually growing, my eczema is under control.

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I’m still adjusting We Shall Not Be Infringed shirt . Mentally and I’m more confident than ever about my own truth and personal goals. feels like the last six years didn’t happen, but then I look at the scars along my arms and remember what we did. I look at my home and my husband and remember what the goal was in the first place. These two months have been a dream come true because we’ve been able to prove what we knew was true while we endured those hard times. Else we love each other, we’re soulmates, and there is nowhere I would rather be than with you. “With you” is my happy place. Today I thank God for your patience, for your strength, and for your unique soul. Thank you Lord for giving me my best friend at such a young age so that I can experience a full life of happiness. You’re as hot as they come and people are lining up around the block just to ask your name, let alone ask you out. But you’re not up for auction. You’re already taken, by a gorgeous Gamer¬†who makes your heart race and your knees weak. Yes, you’re locked in¬†and in¬†love and you couldn’t be happier. Let the world know that you’re sorry.
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