Vintage Chibiusa Sailor Moon Anime T-Shirt


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Product Description

Hems used to make Vintage Chibiusa Sailor Moon Anime T-Shirt headlines in fashion, but in this age of pantsless dressing the waistline has become as variable as the stock market. Mostly it’s going up. At Loewe and Alexander McQueen the waistband rose to Empire heights for men and women both. This tendency for a Giacometti-like attenuation was also seen at Alaïa, in the form of the must-have high-rise pant. But that’s not the only way the torso was stretched, there were dropped waists aplenty, as well as peplums, and, at Duran Lantink, body stockings that filled in the gap where a bared midriff would be.

Vintage Chibiusa Sailor Moon Anime T-Shirt

Vintage Chibiusa Sailor Moon Anime T-Shirt
Vintage Chibiusa Sailor Moon Anime T-Shirt

Designer Vintage Chibiusa Sailor Moon Anime T-Shirt don’t have to be Gucci, Prada, or whichever other brands people tend to associate that word with. And by the same token, “luxury” doesn’t have to mean overpriced. Sometimes, albeit rarely, everything meets in the middle in perfect harmony. If you’re envisioning a terry cloth towel in the shape of a T-shirt right about now, congratulations, you nailed it. Welcome into your life the Shell Terry Towelling T-Shirt from Aurélien. I’ll be damned if this isn’t the finest specimen of leisurely excess I’ve ever seen. A real “break in case of emergency” type of tee. And by emergency, I mean your next trip to the Mediterranean or other salty, windswept location within striking distance of a quality negroni.


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