Turtles Independence Hawaiian Shirt


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The Hawaiian shirt, also known Turtles Independence Hawaiian Shirt as the Aloha shirt, is a typical Hawaiian shirt style. Hawaiian shirts are usually made of light, airy fabrics and printed with bright, vibrant prints, often with images of flowers, seascapes, animals, or abstract motifs. Hawaiian shirts can be worn on many different occasions, from going to the beach to going to a party. In addition, accompanying accessories such as shorts, flip-flops and caps are often combined with Hawaiian shirts to create a typical Hawaiian fashion style.

Turtles Independence Hawaiian Shirt

Turtles Independence Hawaiian Shirt
Turtles Independence Hawaiian Shirt

The story begins with an Turtles Independence Hawaiian Shirt argument between father and son Josh Feldman, while Feldman Sr thinks this motif is attractive, son Feldman Jr considers this to be “a design that celebrates ugliness”. The reason for this disagreement is that Mr. Feldman Sr ordered 2,300 meters of fabric with Hawaiian motifs (equivalent to 1,200 shirts), a gamble based on only 5 shirts sold.
Product Information:

100% polyester.
This shirt feels soft and smooth, making it comfortable to wear.
Open collar, circle buttons.


Since the size is manually measured, please allow a 1cm-3cm dimension difference.
As a result of the production batch, the light intensity photography effect will have a color difference.

Time of production: 3-5 business days.
Time Shipping: 12-15 days.


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