I saw some heads bobbing in the hot tub, but not the Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho Mir Mal noch ein Gluhwein tshirt. We checked in and went up to our room. It had been a long, cold day of sightseeing, and we were tired but wanted a quick swim to warm up. We went down to the pool/hot tub area, but the pool was ice cold. The heater was broken. No yummy, warm, lazy swim for us today. So we headed over to the hot tub, where the same heads bobbed that were there 30 minutes ago. There is a sign stating, “10-person capacity. 20 min limit please.” and another one stating, “Using the hot tub in excess of 30 minutes can be hazardous to your health including stroke. Please do not use hot tub in excess of 20 min limit and do not duck head under water.