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New concert series Said the sky sts 2021 love shirt . And theatrical production. which she’s performing at the Shed in New York City’s Hudson Yards for the next month, is touted as her most ambitious yet. The Icelandic singer herself describes it as a place where “the acoustic and digital will shake hands.” It’s perhaps why the opening minutes of the show, which clocks in at close to two hours in total, feel surprisingly unplugged. A young Icelandic choir, dressed in simple, almost folkloric garb, take the stage and sing a few songs. Then an animated version of Björk is projected onto the silvery threads that hang down across the stage like a moveable curtain.

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Before we catch Said the sky sts 2021 love shirt . A glimpse of the real Björk onstage. She’s wearing two massive bows on her shoulders that look more like pearls, an ensemble fashion obsessives might recognize from Balmain’s Spring 2019 couture runway. A few moments later, the rest of her band joins her, including an all-women seven-piece flute section, all of whom are dressed in massive organza plissé folds that floated down that very same Balmain couture runway a few months ago.Balmain and Björk might not seem like the most obvious fashion pairing. Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of the storied French house, acknowledges this himself, speaking over the phone from his atelier in Paris, where he’s busy finishing up his upcoming menswear collection. “I created the Balmain Army for eight years, that is composed of you-know-who,” he says, alluding to the house’s association with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and pop stars such as Beyoncé, for whom he designed Coachella costumes last year. Those glitzy, jewel-encrusted, body-conscious outfits are a far cry from anything you’d expect Björk to wear in her everyday life, let alone onstage. But Rousteing has been a fan of Björk since her debut album—her Dancer in the Dark is his favorite movie, too—and Björk says that once she saw Rousteing’s couture collection (the designer revived the house’s haute couture atelier this past winter), she felt they were working within the same visual vocabulary. “It was a curious feeling after me and James Merry [her frequent collaborator] had been swirling around in our utopian hemisphere for a while to see Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain collection a few months ago and witness such an obvious overlap between both of our headspaces,” Björk says over email before her show last night. “We had been looking for plantlike uniforms for habitants of this sci-fi concert, and we were thrilled when we found it. These almost digital, soil-free beings wandering down that catwalk seem to only lack flutes,” she says. “They had fins and light prisms coming out of them, albino fur and peach blossom shadows . . . perfect!!!”
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  1. Budzy Hernandez

    Bought for my grandson, good fit, would buy again.

  2. DeniseKents

    Good quality, soft shirt! Looks just as picture describes 🙂

  3. wendy118685

    SO SOFT. I cant stop touching it. Love this shirt–cute and comfy. Highly recommend this shop!

  4. Holli Yarbro

    Excellent product from an excellent retailer!

  5. andrea cabana

    Shop owner was so down to earth and showed me a proof of what I wanted before ordering! Thank you!

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