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So I guess I’m building Powr Chainsaw Man Graphic shirt . Up negative feelings towards my stepmom, I don’t let anyone smack my son’s hand if it isn’t his father or me. For some reason, she thinks it’s okay? It bothers me, and I don’t want to say anything to her BC. I know it’ll start something, or if she doesn’t slap his, she will say, ‘you better stop. I’m going to smack you’ I’m just not okay with this. We all live together. AND sometimes she will drink with my family, and she watches my son at night while I and my son’s father work. So I had my brother stay in our room to protect him. He usually sleeps until I get home. But I know if she finds out, she will feel a way; I’m just very protective over my Hey baby boy, it’s mommy. I know I haven’t written you in a long time, but life has been crazy here lately.

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Mommy thinks of you Powr Chainsaw Man Graphic shirt . I can’t tell you how bad it hurts you not being here every day. Mommy has had a rough time lately, but daddy has been by my side. I wish you could be here with us, baby, but I know God needs you more in heaven. So daddy and I have decided to go to your room. We set a date. Daddy thinks it’s time to go there so we can feel closer to you. This witty and sideways design is for those who love a good pun. Are you a fan of those who use force? Now you can show off your love for Pawn Solo and his sidekick Cookie! Now go, and May the 4th be with you! You had it all perfectly planned, didn’t you? You wouldn’t be like those neglectful parents with their undisciplined brats. You would serve home-cooked organic food crafted into origami shapes. You would read books at bedtime.
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