My Favorite Trucker Calls Me Mom Trucker Classic T-Shirt

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Product Description

I’ve always been My Favorite Trucker Calls Me Mom Trucker Classic T-Shirt conscious of my accent. In 1996, when I was eight, my family relocated from Kent to Stamford, Lincolnshire, and my estuary accent stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone sounded so northern to me and I was teased for my “EastEnders voice”. I also struggled to copy accents. When I was 14, we went to Lanzarote, and I made friends with two girls from Liverpool and Birmingham. My attempts to emulate their accents left my family in hysterics. “You sound ridiculous,” my dad laughed. I kept my Kent accent through my adult life. Then in 2022, I developed functional neurological disorder (FND), a condition that disrupts how the brain communicates with the body. It caused mobility issues and seizures, but I would also sometimes develop a temporary vocal tic or slurred speech. So it didn’t come as a huge surprise when, one day in June 2023, I woke up and my voice sounded different. I assumed it would pass, but two days later I still sounded strange. My neighbour said to me: “You sound just like my aunt. She’s from south Wales.”

My Favorite Trucker Calls Me Mom Trucker Classic T-Shirt


My Favorite Trucker Calls Me Mom Trucker Classic T-Shirt
My Favorite Trucker Calls Me Mom Trucker Classic T-Shirt

Bruce also mentioned My Favorite Trucker Calls Me Mom Trucker Classic T-Shirt something which I think is very important here: allowing yourself to mourn life cycles. No matter how many children you have, you will probably miss their babyhood and you need to allow yourself to feel that. This is a really important distinction because sometimes it’s not wanting another child, but to go back and savour with more intent the babyhood of the children we did have. And there will come a time when you can make no more children and you will need to process that; that’s a definite milestone for a woman. Even if you are happy with the children you have, there can be a certain sadness at this juncture (or for some women: celebration). You may always wonder what it’s like to have one more – but maybe it’s a distraction from the realisation that perhaps you won’t have any more babies? I also wondered how much of it was actually not wanting a third child but wanting permission to stick to “just” two and not doing what you always imagined. That’s more what I heard in your letter. After all, your children will very probably have lots of cousins. You’re not failing anyone if you decide to stick to two. Obviously no one can advise you and your partner what to do, but what helped me when I was in the same situation was really thinking about the reality of having a third. So in any given situation I’d think: “OK how would I manage a third now?” How would I manage a baby if my eldest really needed to talk to me, how would I manage this journey, or that holiday etc. Not just brushing over the details but concentrating on them. Remember you can like the idea of something, but not the reality.


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