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Another fun night with family Love One Another shirt . friends and of course all the. We had the Sanderson Sisters join us this year. Nadra made their amazing costumes. We want to thank everyone for all their help with this. Nathan, Ashley, and Jenna for helping with the decorations and the food. Pete and Nita for the use of their jeep and Nita for manning the caldron. Theresa, as always for the all the extra food and . We live in a fantastic neighborhood! Spotted this Aspen on the rough jeep trail! Reminds me Halloween is coming. The Sanderson Sisters. I’ve got an eye on you! This was all natural! For us Jeep Girls. I received one yesterday and these are awesome. She makes them in different colors as well. If you do order any please tell her “Jewels” sent you.

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I thought of you right when I opened mine up Love One Another shirt . I tried to share it to our Jeep group but it was instantly taken down. I love it and yes it matches your jeep. Hope you are feeling better and get those darn lights put on. I asked and begged for my husband to make time to get them on this weekend or as soon as possible. He has those to install and headlights and new powder coated cowl covers I bought too. Can’t wait till spring! I’m wondering about the  in which musk’s initial offer was declined. If it was in a polite, tactful and inclusive way then I’m very surprised that Mr Musk became rude and offensive, if on the other hand it wasn’t then. It was, there is a statement by Thai officials stating they appreciate Mr Musks offer to help but the expert dive team. Musk then came out and insulted the dive team and said they didn’t know what they were doing and that’s when the diver told him to shove it. What Musk then tweeted is inexcusable. I thought elon was supposed to ve intelligent.
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