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While it is a very good verse that we all could use in this day and age, my go-to is Romans 12:21. Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good. Something I think we also need to remember, especially when it comes to those with which we may disagree. What this man thinks and what he will do are two different things. All these Dems are the same. Remember how every one of them supports the New Green Deal. Or has all the hogwash over the Long Island Hockey Lobsters Shirt months dimmed your memory? This Old guy is not funny, he is dangerous.

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He is experienced in failure. In politics, insanity is doing the Long Island Hockey Lobsters Shirt thing over and over expecting a different result. We can not allow Democrats to ruin the most prosperous economy we have had in over 50 years. We can not allow Democrats to limit our Constitutional Rights. We can not allow Democrats to be decision-makers for the nation. Democrats need to be removed by voting and sent back to private life. With democrats, there is no reality and no commonsense. Say no to the crats and yes to the Republic. If he’s not touching little girls he’s busy touching our hearts. Joe without your campaign speeches I would look to Saturday Night Live for comedy when I’m taking a crap Clinton had sex with an intern, she retained DNA evidence on her dress, the Long Island Hockey Lobsters tShirt impeached him in a bipartisan effort of both democrats and republicans based on the irrefutable evidence, the senate let him off the hook. But because he broke the law and lied to congress, the bar association disbarred him.

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