Jesus take the wheel Merry Christmas shirt

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To an extent, but it’s a lot more Jesus take the wheel Merry Christmas shirt than that owing to the way texts depend on each other and are spread out through time. A single high quality manuscript can be worth a thousand poor ones; a hundred manuscripts may be copies of a single one with a peculiar mistake and give the impression of being representative of an original. As a small addendum, this is actually a very helpful thing. Having such a large suite of copies helps isolate errors, and thus aids in the reconstruction of the original text.

Jesus take the wheel Merry Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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This problem also exists to a much greater degree with the Jesus take the wheel Merry Christmas shirt considering it is supposed to be a collection of sermons by Muhammed. But pre-literate or low-literacy societies obviously also need ways to store information and so memorization is generally valued highly. Those who regarded his words as wise would’ve made a point of memorizing them verbatim and reciting them. The reliability of oral transmission is a tricky subject in its own right; generally it depends on the subject and culture. History like any discipline doesn’t move forward because of one guy having a stroke of genius and finding out the right way to read a text – it’s a slow community effort where many different perspectives are used and their implications considered by the scholarly community, leading to consensuses over what to accept or reject.

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