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For the 1984 summer It Is What It Is shirt . Games in Los Angeles, Disney Legend and publicity artist Bob Moore created Sam the Eagle, the game’s mascot. Introduced after the end of the 1980 games in Moscow, Sam the Eagle was extremely popular and appeared on merchandise like PVC figures and even Frisbees. I think Sam the Eagle and Sam Eagle should get together to produce an even more impressive “salute to all nations but mostly America” over at Muppet. For many years the station’s mascot was The creature selected by a listener in a contest. Q-FM-96 was an early champion of and outlet for. Columbus’s vibrant rock music community was particularly notable for its compilation LPs featuring local artists, debuting shortly after the station signed on. Another fondly remembered feature in the 1980s was the Sunday morning show “Psychedelic Sunday,” showcasing 1960s-era rock, much of it relatively obscure-and hosted by British DJ Russell Carey.

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Are you a striker kind of biker? Trikes are the best! We’ve got you covered if you prefer a trike over a bike It Is What It Is shirt . Now you can feel free to show off your awesome striker self with this fantastic motorcycle lover design. If you ask people what love means, you’ll get all sorts of answers. But we’ve found one solution that is pretty darn spot on. Love is – liking something as much as you want your motorcycle! Pretty simple. Let other people have their pills, therapy sessions, long, pointless discussions about dreams and needs, and families who didn’t love them. You don’t have time for that because when your life gets tough, all you have to do is get on that bike and kick it into gear. As soon as you’re riding free, all your troubles vanish, and that good feeling stays with you longer than any drug or chit-chat with a counselor. You have the cure. Wear this tee or hoodie and remain sane.
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