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There’s a clip of Harrison Mevis #92 Kicker Shirt . An old home video of her mother smiling in an ornate printed red sari with a gilded lining and matching gold jewelry. It then cuts quickly to present-day Raveena wearing a contemporary version of that outfit. From those first frames, “Mama” functions as a bridge that connects her mother’s past to Raveena’s present. “Obviously it’s a song about my mom and my relationship with her, but I kind of wanted to look more deeply into the unique relationship we have as a first-generation immigrant,” Raveena says. “My own family comes from a lot of trauma—genocide in India—and they then came to Queens, so it was kind of telling her story.

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I was just writing Harrison Mevis #92 Kicker Shirt . The song wondering who she was before all of that happened, before she had me. What were her biggest dreams?”The video, which director Danica Kleinknecht shot in Queens, combines true-to-life details with Raveena’s speculations about her mother’s aspirations. The team filmed on a street close to where her mother lived when she first immigrated in the late ’80s after the 1984 Sikh Massacre; the church that Raveena, her mother, and her grandmother all walk through is the very church where Raveena’s parents got married. Everyone featured is either a first- or second-generation immigrant friend of Raveena’s from New York, or a fan who had reached out to Raveena, who in turn asked them to be a part of the video. “We just wanted to capture real family moments. It’s not meant to be anything bigger. There’s no crazy concept we were going for,” Raveena says.Additional scenes of Raveena and her mother looking through gauzy textiles in the fabric store were also plucked from real life—Raveena’s mother is a fashion designer who worked with Calvin Klein in the ’90s and still creates custom couture pieces. She collaborates with Raveena on the colorful garments seen in her videos and onstage. “It’s a big part of our relationship, working together on clothes for my music now,” Raveena says. “She had such a big influence on my style growing up, and now I can come to her with anything, with really modern or new designers, or with this crazy ’70s Cher mood board that I just made, and we see how we can translate it all into a way that feels relevant to what I do. She has a really elegant concept with everything that she makes.”
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5 reviews for Harrison Mevis #92 Kicker Shirt

  1. Anonymous

    I am slender and prefer a slim fit, and these were too big out of the box (especially for a “slim fit”). They shrunk to the perfect size after washing them (cold cycle followed by med-high heat dry). Factor this into the purchase. Very comfortable, good build quality (only a couple wears) so far. Great for the price.

  2. Anonymous

    I really like these shirts for the price point that their at I use them a base layer/ Undershirt and they work great for that purpose keep me warm. When I first got the shirt they were a bit stiff and scratchy but after a couple of week of washing they’ve softened up considerable I would recommend these for the price.
  3. Anonymous

    I bought these as my primary work shirts. Where my other ones you can get the big box dept store (or anywhere really) wore holes in them pretty fast, these have stood up to the wear and tear of ‘work’ work, ‘home’ work, and the washings and dryings in between. I don’t wear anything else to work in. Haven’t since I got them late Nov of last year. There is one caveat : I sweat a lot and these do not help there. I chose black simply because it helps to hide it while on the job, but they are thicker than the usual t-shirt and will add to the seat factor. I bought 4 sets; They’re all I wear. Except when I go out. An added bonus is that the black hides the grease stains that inevitably are left on any clothing when working on a vehicle. I’ve made 2 pairs of good jeans into work-around-the-house jeans, but nothing at all can be seen on these (black) shirts.

  4. Anonymous

    Sure its not some big brand, or cool design but try finding a good plain T-Shirt for $20 and thats with delivery.
    Oh yea, my cheapo searching skills scored big!

  5. Anonymous

    Just as expected. I got this as a birthday present for my very particular husband who has very large shoulders, and this fits and feels great to him. The graphic is fairly bold and after several washings has not yet started to peel. It doesn’t have the problem that some shirts do of being wider than it is long, which is always a challenge. If Disney comes out with this shirt in a different Grumpy design, I will definitely be buying!

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