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This is my first night Hairdressers heart shirt . Dive since going on vacay to bring my grandma home from Washington. It feels great to be home! I was so excited to see this pretty young lady sitting outside as I returned from fishing. It was just last week that we were sharing fishing stories with I take after her- I will never get tired of this lifestyle. Good Wednesday Morning HuMp DaY already. It’s getting closer to the Grandma coming home she’s ready Mommy didn’t see her but talked on the phone, so just a small GRANDMA STORY UPDATE today. Supposed to be a great Sunny day. Dang way to much rain I could go fishing in our backyard. Two days Sunny and it will be gone. I guess it’s time to let Y’ALL do your Can you watch my first and so far only video with funny stories of my daughter. Nice to see how the sequence panned out.

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Though i’m a bit ticked that I was totally out of frame for that scene Hairdressers heart shirt . It’s tough to find love when your heart belongs to good grammar. Just when you think you’ve met somebody promising, they turn into a doddering mess who confuses “their” and “they’re,” uses double negatives and thinks “utilize” is a good substitute for “use.” It’s tough trying to find that rare jewel, someone who cares about words the way you do. Somebody who values the rules of grammar and won’t call you a schoolmarm or a pedantic jerk just because you’re constantly correcting people’s stupid mistakes. If you’ve found that special someone who cares like you do, celebrate that love with this grammatically correct tee.You’ve got powers and you mostly use them for good. You’re a Librarian¬†and you’re a whiz with that Dewey Decimal System¬†that makes most people run out of the room crying. There’s magic on that book cart of yours,¬†and you know how to use it. Yeah, you may not be Superwoman, but we’re betting you could knock villains.
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