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I for one don’t understand FLC Here comes The Reds shirt why they didn’t go with 3 variants of the free company militia, swaschbucklers(double sword, bonus vs infantry) the deck fighters we see now (Armor-piercing) and the regular (sword and gun). Maybe even add a hand gunner variant that has more damage or a better melee attack. Anything would’ve been better than just 1 unit that doesn’t feel like it belongs. I’m sure models will fix it. I also hope that carronades and mortars..

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Apparently they wanted to give Arnessa cheap armor-piercing early on. Why not just give them pistols or muskets? Could make them even more FLC Here comes The Reds shirt with a 360 degree firing arc compared to a regular free company with slightly better stats. I don’t have bought most of the polemic about the OC and inclusion of saltspite but yes her living theme feels a bit weak. A couple more infantry units could have done the trick but they weren’t going to do new models. As she was pretty much a nobody for me (and I suppose most people) making her a “turned vampire against her will” lord could have worked. By new FLC Here comes The Reds shirt, I meant just this, no new animations and stuff. The best thing is I think to remind CA it would be nice to update them with the following DLC (I don’t know if they can even change a thing yet). The fact that regular Free Company Militia look more like pirates than this Free Company should make CA embarrassed.

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