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I’ll start by saying Everything’s fine shirt . I do love my son’s father’s side of the family. They see my son once sometimes twice a week, but always complaining I dont let them see him enough. I need space from them too though as they try and tell me what and how to do things. I always ignore them and do it my They brought over presents and when the party ended they packed up his opened gifts in the car. I asked them why they were doing that. They said he has enough toys here and they are keeping em at their house. They also bought a bed, highchair, etc. for their house. Do I say something? I don’t want them to think it’s okay to use this form of manipulation as he gets older to make him go there.

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Everything’s fine shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Everything’s fine shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
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I feel like it’s going to get worse and they have some kind of plan to gift him for going over there Everything’s fine shirt . I’m kind of livid and can’t express how I really feel about this the way I want, but you get the You’re not trying to shirk your duties, you’re just saying that you think it’s important to conserve energy. You don’t want to wear yourself out trying to do everything, so you’ve chosen to focus on the things hat are really worth doing. Granted, that’s a small number but, hey, it’s your energy that’s at stake here. Pop on this tee or hoodie and get ready to focus. It’s not like you have time to fit a gym session into your day, you can barely get to work on time as it is. You’re always late for your appointments. You can’t sign up for a dance class because by the time you get there it’s over. You’re a little punctuality-challenged. That’s not your fault. On the plus side, all that running to catch up has to count for something. You’re always in a breathless rush and that has to mean you’re burning calories somehow, right? That works for us. You’re a cardio queen or king. Keep burning it up.
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3 reviews for Everything’s fine shirt

  1. christine conklin

    Regular XL fit. Generally good thickness to fabric, not too thin. Graphic printed well, but as pictured it’s grainy (not supposed to be a solid layer of color). Well-made and well-loved shirt.

  2. Margie Hall

    The shirts came on time I ordered the shirts first then read the reviews after. I was getting nervous by all the negative reviews and thought now I’m going to have to return these now if there not good. So the shirts came fit as expected no stains all 8 came 4 shirts as expected in each package. No problem at all glad I ordered the shirts. You can’t really rely on reviews everyone will have an opinion you just have to go with yours. Stay blessed!! Stay Safe!

  3. chasemoody10146

    Heavier duty fabric than I had expected for the price. Going to order some more. Do wish it included a pocket and available in more colors.
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