Dio Brando Ugly Christmas Sweater


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Product Description

If the layer Dio Brando Ugly Christmas Sweater is usually limited in the number of printed colors, with the improvement of 3D printing technology, the 3D layer shirt will not be limited in the number of printed colors. You can print many colors on the uniform, depending on your preferences. The ink quality of 3D shirts and layers often has many differences. With normal printing technology, the uniform shirt is easy to fade after a period of use, reducing the aesthetics of the shirt. 3D printing technology has overcome these limitations. Galaxy 3D shirt is very durable in color, not affected much by weather conditions such as: sunshine, rain, wind, … always ensuring maximum aesthetics during use.

Sweatshirt Dio Brando Ugly Christmas Sweater

Dio Brando Ugly Christmas Sweater
Dio Brando Ugly Christmas Sweater
Dio Brando Ugly Christmas Sweater
Dio Brando Ugly Christmas Sweater

In this year 2023 Dio Brando Ugly Christmas Sweater people will see the trend of 3D and Gradient layered shirt design emerging very strongly. 3D design style and Gradient will definitely become the “perfect couple” in the coming years. Gradient effects allow designers to turn simple images into beautiful works of art through color transitions.

Product Information And Shipping

Product Information:

3D Sweater:

Premium polyester which is ultra-soft and incredibly comfortable.
Fabric is durable and resistant to wrinkles, shrinking, and mildew.
Features ensure long-lasting color vibrancy even after machine washing.

3D Ugly Sweater:

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex.
Dye-sublimation printing, colors will never be faded or peeled.
It is used to react to your body,s temperature to keep you warm in the Winter and cool in Autumn.


Since the size is manually measured, please allow a 1cm-3cm dimension difference.
As a result of the production batch, the light intensity photography effect will have a color difference.

Time of production 3D Sweater: 3-5 business days.
Time of production 3D Ugly Sweater: 5-7 business days.
Time Shipping 3D Sweater: 12-15 days.
Time Shipping 3D Ugly Sweater: 14-17 days.


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