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Kate Conger and Lauren Hirsch Cocker Spaniel Balloons Fireworks Shirt . Two New York Times writers who have been covering Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter, went on Twitter Spaces on Monday — after a long day of reporting — to answer questions from users about what the planned sale would mean for the social media platform. Their discussion was hosted by Sheera Frenkel, who also covers technology for The Times. Kate Conger: Twitter is sort of a strange and unique creature, and so is Elon. I think he is so hands on with the companies that he runs. And people who work for him have talked about him being, you know, almost too hands on and micromanaging sometimes over decisions. But he’s just very, very involved in what goes on in his companies. And so I think we can probably expect to see more of the same with Twitter.

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 Lauren Hirsch One thing that he has been fairly vague on is the actual business model at play and how he’s looking to make money Cocker Spaniel Balloons Fireworks Shirt . I was looking at some of the old numbers that Twitter brought in when it had kind of looser policies around content, and they actually began to stall in revenue and began to lose users. So one thing that I’m really curious about is to what extent, well, loosening up on moderation impacts the business and how — or if, frankly — he’s taken that into account as he’s kind of designing a broader economic plan with the new business that he now owns. Sheera Frenkel: Removing Trump from the platform wasn’t a black or white decision. It wasn’t that he tweeted something that was against the law. It was a calculation made by people at Twitter after a series of tweets that they saw by Trump that made them feel that they should suspend his account. And I think it’s left a lot of people on Twitter asking why Elon Musk wants to own a company that constantly has to make difficult decisions like this.
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