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Harley Quinn got spayed Cleveland Browns pierogi power T-shirt . Today and oh man, look at that face! Such a funny story? Harley Quinn was supposed to go home with Well Adopter but had a family emergency and, at the last minute, couldn’t take Harley home today like planned. Adopter came over to look for a kitten to take home and fell in love with her Harley finally found her forever home. Seeing so many happy families with their news is one of the best feelings ever. Team up with Robin to take on Joker and Harley Quinn in an explosive story. I Kid you not, on a group I was in, they all, and I mean all 37 of them fought me as they genuinely believed Harley Quinn originated from Suicide Squad and comics… sorry had to tell you, it was nuts. But yeah, her storyline was fantastic. Whatever you’re doing, you’d rather be golfing.

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You’re trying to be a regular Cleveland Browns pierogi power T-shirt . A friendly person with everyday life, but whenever you’re sitting at work, chatting with your friends, or trying to attend to life’s minor annoyances like shopping and dating, you find your mind wandering. All you can think about is the sun coming over the green and the smell of fresh-cut grass. If you’re not golfing, you’re not happy. So wear this t-shirt and hoodie and let them know that if you seem to be in another world, it’s because, in your heart, you are. You know what boys like, and a video game is at the top of their list. Stuff your stuff by wearing this tee that says you’ll never be one to complain that they spend too much time playing games. They’ll be whining when they discover that you have too many other guys chasing you and too many games to conquer, so they better pick a number and wait in line. You’re that rare breed, a girl gamer who knows she’s hot stuff on or off the controls.
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