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Ireland’s first gift to the brain rot heart shirt . World of Sport was the sport of Hurling. Watch as Diarmuid Lyng takes you on a glorious journey with of Ireland’s top sports stars. All around the world, animals are being transported in ships of horror just to be tortured and killed in another country. If you want to stop eating animals. If you recognize the men in these photographs some might be spectators, I beg you, please talk to them and try to make them understand how much danger they are putting us all in. Most of the people involved left before I went back and got my A few of them hid away when I tried taking photographs.

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brain rot heart shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
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This is not okay brain rot heart shirt . Please take action before it’s too late and something terrible happens. After the fight the poor dog was left tied to a tree, bleeding and whimpering, while the a nice cup of coffee at the café right by the park. Set aside the brutality and outright cruelty of this ridiculous sport. When you’re a gardener you know that it takes a lot of dirt to create something beautiful. But you also know that the dirt itself is beautiful. It’s the rich, warm bed that your little seedlings sleep and grow strong in. It’s the motherlode of goodness, filled with worms and compost and all those other things that make your plants big and healthy. You like being out in the sun and the rain, digging your hands in the mud and feeling connected to the earth. Dirt is a good thing. Wear this tee with a gardening hat and a trowel. Gardening is about love. You have to love digging in the dirt, sweating in the sun, and learning to be patient. Wear this tee with a trowel in one hand and a watering can in the other.
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3 reviews for brain rot heart shirt

  1. Jakubat Attila

    I was a little disappointed they still had those stupid hanging tags at the collar and bottom of shirt! I’m thinking they must have been laying around for a long time!
  2. r_reptssile

    I’m a 5’4” female. I bought these only to wear over a swimsuit and be covered enough to walk around when not sunbathing. I got the largest size. Works great. Only complaint is that the tag is uncomfortable but I need it for front back use. And material isn’t as soft as I hoped for. It serves the purpose of a sunscreen or cover for a lady hanging out in a swimsuit. It’s actually cute. And the cuffs are tight enough to push sleeves up.

  3. Ian Foster

    My husband wears these under his clothes when he plays golf in cooler weather. He said they fit perfect. I washed them when I first received them and they held their shape with no shrinkage. Highly recommend.
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