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I am pro-gun and pro-gun control Bison.HBCUHoward my school shirt . I was raised in a household where having a gun was normal, and I was taught to respect it before even handling it. There is no reason to freak out over a movement aimed at better regulating gun ownership and use. We’re trying to make it harder for and unstable to own a gun. March for lives is a joke. These poster kids are being used by democrats and liberals. let’s not talk about the school shooting in MD last week where a school resource officer shot the 17 year old shooter stopping a. Mass shooting. The 17 yr old shot two students, one died.

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It could have been far worse if this legally armed resource officer was not there Bison.HBCUHoward my school shirt . this worked and is the answer period. How dare they be pissed that schools keep getting shot up and their friends were massacred and nobody gives enough of a shit to try to stop it?The best part is that these kids will be voting in November, those that are of age, and all will be voting in the next presidential election. Get ready for a change folks. These young adults have had enough of grown ass people doing NOTHING to keep them safe. I find it telling that most of the people on this feed, criticizing the march or Misha, can barely form a complete, coherent sentence. I find it funny you are doing this yet you are on a show that openly uses guns and not just one kind but a bunch of different kinds your character carries an angel blade. I know they are just props but they are still guns…. And you are going to support this when your show is full of gun violence. Haters gonna hate. Don’t like my comment then block me cause I don’t want access to a bunch of liberals that don’t know the 2nd Amendment to a hole.
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3 reviews for Bison.HBCUHoward my school shirt

  1. Amy Williams

    Excellent..excellent undershirt. From the moment removed from pkg….knew this was worth buying. Heavier fabric than anticipated…good. I’m big guy, 6’1″, 260…3x fits perfectly…obviously I don’t know how well these will hold up, but from initial quality assessment..anticipating their lasting a while…..
  2. TristanHales

    Great 4 Hanes Men’s Long-Sleeve Comfort Soft T-Shirt feels looks great and fits great i can’t complain Thanks.

  3. ChristiansPoppe

    Good shirt just a little short but not to bad

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