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If you’re planning a vacation to . Alderaan, you’ll probably want to take a peek at the 5 day forecast before you go. But oh wait – the Alderaan weather forecast doesn’t seem to go out that far. I wonder what cataclysmic event could happen to Alderaan that makes the 5 day forecast a foregone conclusion? Maybe it has something to do with the Death Star – what do you think? I know one thing for sure – there’s no full moon coming up on Alderaan. In case you’re not familiar, Alderaan was destroyed in Episode IV of Star Wars at the request of Grand Moff Tarkin. That’s why the forecast doesn’t go very far and there’s no full moon! What would link from The Legend of Zelda look like if he were a zombie? That’s what this Legend of Zombies design from NeatoShop contemplates.

, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Instead of a lovely glass of milk and cookies, you have Link chowing down on a human heart . It appears that even characters in The Legend of Zelda universe are not immune to the zombie virus. While I doubt you want to get bit, this Legend of Zombies Zelda shirt is a nice zombie mashup for fans of the game. Also – in case you’re not sure – remember that Link’s name is not Zelda, nor is Link a girl. There are tons of reasons to visit Tatooine. The great sun to get a perfect tan. The sand. Oh, and there’s a droid sale every week! You can’t beat that for a vacation spot, can you? Interesting fact actually – according to CNN, the real spot where the Tatooine scenes were filmed is actually slowly disappearing into the Sahara Desert. So if you really do want to visit Tatooine, you may not have much time yet. But, I’m guessing you found this page because you’re looking for a Visit Tatooine shirt, not because you actually want to pack up and ship off to Africa.
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  1. wendy118685

    I dont think my head is mounted on my body in the wrong spot. The neck line on these shirts seem to want to choke me out. I have been hanging my reading glasses on the neck line to add enough weight to pull it down. Maybe I just need to have my head moved to the back further.
  2. andy

    Bought this for my son. He is 5’4 with broad shoulders and is not slim but not fat. This is the perfect fit for him in a size XL. The length and width are perfect for him. The material is super comfortable. I order 2 more of these Hanes t-shirts. Super comfortable as well

  3. Budzy Hernandez

    This shirt fit exactly as I wanted it to. Not to loose and not to tight. And OMY the sleeves were long enough for me. I weight 165 lbs 5’9 and it was not tight and not baggie. A perfect fit. I got an extra large and they did not shrink nor fade when I washed them. I love them. They by far exceeded my expectations. I plan to order more ( for myself) after Christmas.

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