Macy’s to furlough ‘majority’ of workers starting this week because of coronavirus

Retail giant Macy’s said it will furlough a “majority” of employees as companies continue to navigate how to operate during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement Monday, Macy’s said “the majority of our colleagues” will go on furlough starting this week. As of its 2019 fourth quarter, Macy’s had 125,000 employees and 775 stores nationwide.

“While the digital business remains open, we have lost the majority of our sales due to the store closures,”

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Drake Shares Photos of His Son Adonis for the Very First Time

Quarantine has Drake even more in his feelings than usual. He’s reaching out to his ex Rihanna over multiple Instagram Lives, posting videos of rain clouds, and Monday morning he shared a heartfelt tribute to his family — including his son, Adonis Graham. The rapper posted several photos of his son, one of his parents, and one with he and Adonis’s mother, Sophie Brussaux. “I love and miss my beautiful family and friends and I can’t wait for the joyful day when we are all able to reunite,” he wrote at the end of a long,

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Country music star Joe Diffie dies of complications from coronavirus

(CNN)Joe Diffie, a country music singer known for his lighthearted odes to country life that reached mainstream success in the 1990s, died Sunday from complications of coronavirus, his publicist said in a news release.

Diffie, a 61-year-old native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, made 13 albums and had more than 20 Top 10 hits to his credit, his publicist said. Sporting a mustache and mullet, his boot-scooting crowd-pleasers included the hits, “If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)”

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John Prine: singer-songwriter critically ill with Covid-19 symptoms, family says

Musician has been hospitalized since Thursday and has been placed on a ventilator

The family of John Prine says the singer-songwriter is critically ill and has been placed on a ventilator while being treated for Covid-19-type symptoms.

A message posted on Prine’s Twitter page Sunday said the Angel from Montgomery singer has been hospitalized since Thursday and his condition worsened on Saturday.

“This is hard news for us to share,” Prine’s family said.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

Two of his top aides in the fight against COVID-19 also say they have the disease.

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the new coronavirus, the first leader of a major nation to contract COVID-19, but he insisted Friday that he remains in charge of the U.K.’s response to the outbreak.

Two of Johnson’s top aides in the fight against the virus – his health secretary and top medical adviser – also said they had the disease.

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CPAP Machines Were Seen As Ventilator Alternatives, But Could Spread COVID-19

The limited supply of ventilators is one of the chief concerns facing hospitals as they prepare for more COVID-19 cases. In Italy, where hospitals have been overwhelmed with patients in respiratory failure, doctors have had to make difficult life-or-death decisions about who gets a ventilator and who does not.

In the U.S., emergency plans developed by states for a shortage of ventilators include using positive airway pressure machines — like those used to treat sleep apnea — to help hospitalized people with less severe breathing issues.

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Yes, Kate McKinnon Is Set to Play Tiger King’s Carole Baskin

But who should play the rest of the cast in the Joe Exotic series based on Wondery’s podcast? We have some suggestions.

Your obsession with Tiger King, Netflix’s latest true-crime masterpiece, will soon be rewarded with more Tiger King. Last fall—long before the Netflix–subscribed masses knew much if anything about polyamorous, big-cat wrangling, former presidential candidate Joe Exotic and his vicious feud with Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin—Kate McKinnon signed up to star in and executive produce a limited series based on the podcast Joe Exotic.

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Actor Mark Blum Dies Of COVID-19: Broadway, ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ Star Was 69

UPDATE, with reactions Mark Blum, a veteran New York stage actor whose credits also include roles in the film Desperately Seeking Susan and the Netflix TV series You, has died due to complications from the coronavirus. He was 69.

His death was announced by the Off Broadway theater company Playwrights Horizons. SAG-AFTRA confirmed the news.

“He was a wonderful actor and a very good and kind man,” tweeted Rosanna Arquette, his co-star in 1985’s Desperately Seeking Susan.

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‘This Is Us’ Creator Breaks Down the Rift Between Kevin and Randall

In the Season 4 mid-season finale of NBC’s This Is Us, a flash-forward revealed that Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) were no longer on speaking terms. “How could this be” cried the voices of millions of upset fans I made up for the purposes of this transition. Well, in Tuesday night’s Season 4 finale, “Strangers Part 2,” we finally found out.

In recent episodes, a rift has begun to grow between Randall and Kevin in regards to their mother Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

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Prince Charles’ coronavirus diagnosis is a huge deal for Brits, the monarchy. Here’s why.

The coronavirus threat was made alarmingly vivid Wednesday to millions of people in the United Kingdom with the news that Prince Charles has contracted the virus, albeit in mild form.

Already reeling from anxiety and uncertainty, this announcement from Clarence House suddenly brought home to the British the stakes for the future as COVID-19 continues its seemingly inexorable march around the globe.

Americans might wonder: Why is this such a big deal?

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